Tourist Experience in Japan Upgraded with Navigation Glasses

By Reuters
May 24,2016
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The days of relying on a phone for tourist info and directions may be coming to an end.

Expert engineer of Zenrin Datacom, Yasuhiro Oozato, saying:

"For the past decade or so, the major way to show tourist information is on smartphones, I think. However, in the future, this won't be limited to smartphones but also using glasses that give us information depending on the direction we face is one revolutionary aspect."

Japanese navigation software company Zenrin Datacom hopes to partner with a wearables company to re-define the tourist experience in Japan.

Connected to a phone wirelessly, the prototype pops up directions and additional info in the users display. As the user moves their head, the display orientates itself accordingly.

Company Worker from China, Shui Liu, saying:

"I think it's a good service. It's easy to provide assistance to people from various countries, and for them to understand."

The company hopes to commercialize the service in time for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.