Finnish Optical Display Could Rival Google Glass

By Reuters
December 15,2015
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The era of bulky, geeky-looking smartglasses might be over. Developers in Finland have created a thin display that fits into ordinary eyewear.

Despite designer Diane von Fustenberg's best efforts, the bulky design of Google Glass doesn't quite blend in with today's everyday fashion.

It's a problem plaguing most smartglasses on the market - the size is simply too big for casual use.

But that might soon change as Finnish technology firm Dispelix unveils its latest model of optics.

At just only one millimeter in thickness the plastic display fits into regular eyeglasses says CEO Antti Sunnari.

Dispelix CEO, Antti Sunnari, saying:

"We can incouple the image and outcouple it to users field-of-view and the plastic piece can be integrated in the normal spectacles."

And what's more, it transmits the image, whether it's video or simple text, directly in front of the user.

Dispelix CEO, Antti Sunnari, saying:

"So picture comes from the image source and it's incoupled in this area and the image travels by total internal reflection to this grey area where it outcouples to the user's field of view. And the image is about size of a 60-inch television looked from three meters distance."

Currently Dispelix is working with other companies to develop electronics and software for their tiny mobile-screen.

The company aims to bring a commercial product to the market within a year and hopefully catch the eye of the general public.