This is What the New MUJI Yurakucho Looks Like

By Tokyo Business Today
September 11,2015
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MUJI's Yurakucho store has about 10,000 books

Japan’s Ryohin Keikaku, which operates the MUJI stores, opened a revamped store on September 4th in Tokyo’s Yurakucho area. According to the company, the Yurakucho store is one of the biggest MUJI stores in the world—not only does it have the largest selection of products, but it also features spaces where you can participate in some of the events MUJI plans to offer.

During the renovation, MUJI enlarged the area that it calls the “Living Space Zone.” It features such items as furniture and bed linens--and if you have a question, you can consult the “interior decoration experts” working there. 

The book store, “MUJI BOOKS” is situated on the second floor. With about 10,000 books to choose from, you can read your favorites while sipping 100-yen coffee sold in the store. 

You can also stroll the area called “Open MUJI Tokyo” where you can participate in workshops and seminars presented by various artists. At “Re-MUJI,” you can pick up used clothing which has been dyed again in MUJI’s factories in Japan. 

At the “MUJI to Go” space, you’ll be able to find whatever you need for travel. Carry-on luggage (pictured above) is one of MUJI’s best-selling products in Japan, by the way. 

If you are hungry, you can hit “Cafe & Meal MUJI”, also located on the second floor.

It features an deli and fresh-baked bread. You can also buy your favorite coffee beans and roast them there.