Japan's New Bullet Train Connects Northernmost Island

By Reuters
March 28,2016
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A new high speed train makes its maiden journey connecting Japan's northernmost island to Tokyo.

Eager passengers scuttle onboard the newest Bullet Train on Japan's northernmost island. The line connects Hakodate to Tokyo in just over four hours.

Passengers lucky enough to get a ticket- which sold out in just 25 seconds- were excited beyond words.

"I couldn't sleep, this person said. I woke up at 1 a.m. and was tossing and turning. I even woke up the kids!"

Conception of the line began some 43 years ago in an effort to connect Tokyo residents to the island. The train will run in an under-sea tunnel- the deepest operational main-line tunnel in the world.

The Japanese government hopes the service will help boost regional economies.

There will be 32 trains in operation on Saturday.