How Would You Like a Card Case That Scans Business Cards?

By Futurus
January 28,2016


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To a business person, business cards received from clients are a valuable resource. If effectively managed, they can lead to the next opportunity.

On the other hand, if a business card is lost or if the characteristics of the person from whom it was received are forgotten, it becomes difficult to take advantage of that resource.

Now there’s a card case called “Casecan” that has a built-in scanner that digitizes business cards as you put them in the case. The company that makes the card case, Recruit Carrier, has just announced the concept on its website. But if the concept gets enough positive votes on the website, it may become an actual product.

Data is saved to the cloud for later use

Casecan automatically reads data, such as company name, person’s name, and address, from the card and uploads it to the cloud. After the data is read, you can leave the business card inside the card case, making a traditional business card case unnecessary.

There’s no need to take a photo of the business card or scan it. Casecan records the time and date the card was scanned, making it easy to remember the situation in which the card was received and the characteristics of the person from whom you received it.

This article originally appeared on FUTURUS (operated by Targeting).

You can search saved business card data on the Casecan built-in display. This should prove useful when the data is needed, for example, when visiting a client. And, of course, since the data is in the cloud, you can view and use it on a smartphone or PC.

Another great feature is the ability to send a template-based greeting or saved pre-written phrases to a scanned address. Being able to send a simple thank you note after parting ways might help you to make an impression on someone you might want to do business with later.

Casecan makes all these things surprisingly easy. If you want to see this concept realized as a product, please vote “I want it!” on the Kakushin website.