Hong Kong Tailor Replaces Tape Measure with 3D Scanner

By Reuters
January 07,2016
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An age-old tradition... with a high-tech twist...

But first first, slip into something form-fitting...

Then step into the pod... and follow the instructions.

Just like that - pin-point measurements, in a matter of minutes.

Apparel store Gay Giano spent months, and well over 100-thousand Hong Kong dollars honing the technology.

Bringing a whole new experience to bespoke tailoring.

Charmston/Gay Giano Business Development Director, Matthew Lee, saying:

"There's a huge disconnect between these traditional craftsmen or craftswomen and the next generation. There's no one taking over. So we felt that, if that's the case, it's either a dying trade or we can revitalize it with technology."

Tailors in Hong Kong traditionally spend years mastering the art of creating the perfect suit. Typically they would normally take around 25 measurements of the body with a measuring tape. But with its 14 infrared sensors, the 3D tailoring studio can take up to 120 measurements on one go, without any risk of human error."

Charmston/Gay Giano Business Development Director, Matthew Lee, saying:

"I've tried the traditional measuring method. It felt more personal, but it took up more of my time. And I felt like the 3D managed to measure more thoroughly and more parts of myself."

The city's bespoke tailoring industry is famed for its quality and speed, attracting presidents and royalty alike.

But it's come under increasing threat from low cost centres like mainland China, and been made worse by a slowdown in city's retail sector.

Low wages have kept many young people from entering the trade at all.

A cutting-edge experience like this might be just the right fit for the future of tailoring in Hong Kong.