Dry Skin? Try Some Wearable Cosmetics

By Futurus
December 28,2015


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(Photo by yukitarou/PIXTA)

Many eco-friendly, plant-based products are appearing on the market. One of them is from the fiber, textiles, and technical materials giant Teijin. Called “Raffinan,” it is a dream product for the consumer with sensitive skin, as it helps prevent problems by using cosmetics technology to keep the fibers mildly acidic so that the cloth resembles human skin.

It won’t be long before we see its use in women’s underwear. Advertised as “wearable cosmetics,” it will make the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife.

In its natural state, a slight acidity protects human skin against bacteria, external stress, and dehydration. Long periods of sweating or dryness tips the balance towards alkalinity, which in turn can trigger skin problems.

Raffinan weaves small particles of malic acid, a fruit-based acid normally used in food, into its fibers. In doing so, it maintains good ventilation and hydration, preventing typical skin problems related to hydration such as dryness and atopic dermatitis.

Raffinan will first appear in sportswear. Expectations are high. Descente has announced it will use this cutting-edge fiber in its yoga wear. Jock straps and other equipment needing special dermatological consideration will probably find it useful too.

A weakly acidic environment is also said to be best not only for skin but also for teeth. So mouthguards and toothbrushes using materials like Raffinan may also appear at some point. These products are made from the materials of the future, and we will monitor their debuts with great interest.