A 118-Meter-High Building Demolished in Northwest China

By Reuters
November 15,2015
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A 118-meter-high building was demolished on Sunday morning in Xi'an City, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, in around 13 seconds.

The building, 26 floors in all, fell down northwards as had been planned, with the protecting net set around it standing completely intact.

"The operation worked quite well. For one thing the building collapsed in the correct direction and for another thing it fell down at a low height and was fully exploded. Both the noise and trembling of the demolition were under controllable range," said Zhao Fuxing, a demolition expert and professor from the Xi'an Jiaotong University.

"A bar is located only seven meters away from the building and it hadn't been affected at all. There wasn't even a piece of stone dropping on the bar. I'm quite satisfied with the operation. It worked well," said Zhao.

It was the highest building demolished by explosion in China, using some 1.4 tons of explosives.

The operators estimated the demolition created around 240,000 square meters of construction waste that will be cleared in 70 days.

The building with a gross floor area of 37,000 square meters in the hi-tech industrial development zone had never been used and its lot will be used for a commercial complex.

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