BIG IDEAS in Supply Chain|JAPAN ~Digital Supply Chain Strategies to Adapt to Increasing Complexity and Boost Competitiveness~

The environment surrounding the supply chain of manufactures has continued to undergo major changes, such as the increasing complexity of business management due to globalization, the diversification of distribution channels, and the shortening of delivery times. Under such circumstances, it would be fair to say that a company’s competitiveness depends on how advanced its supply chain management (SCM) infrastructure is constructed. Now, what do we need to build such advanced SCM?
In this webinar, we will introduce "SCM strategies to enhance competitiveness and adapt to environmental risks, starting from digitalization", based on the knowledge of experts and company case studies.


Outline of the Event

Date and Time
Wednesday, 1 December 2021
13:00 to 15:50 SGT
14:00 to 16:50 KST
16:00 to 18:50 AEDT
Viewing Format
Free of Charge
Pre-registration required
Target Audience

Management for manufacturing companies, managing directors, personnel in corporate planning, SCM, production, IT and systems, and managers who are responsible for SCM/S&OP planning.

* This forum is for a limited audience and is intended for corporations only. We ask general public, those who are not the target audience, and competitors not to apply at this occasion.


13:00-13:40 SGT Keynote Speech   Japanese presentation with English voice over

There is No Wait for Supply Chain DX: The Essence of New Competition is “Co-creation and Self-Driving”

It is obvious that manufactures are struggling with DX that requires even more value unique to digitalization, while they have not yet made progress in adopting SCM, a management reform based on digitalization.
However, in the IT services industry and elsewhere, the essence of competition is shifting from traditional QCD to “co-creation and self-driving”. The manufacturing industry and distribution industry should also promote DX. It is also essential preparation for participating in this shift.

Dr. Yoshinobu Ueno

Professor, Toranomon Graduate School, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Representative Director, Valuegrid, Inc.
Dr. Yoshinobu Ueno Profile

13:40-14:10 SGT Session 1   English presentation with English audio

Lighting the Way and Leading the Pack
in Supply Chain Innovation: Schneider Electric’s Journey

Schneider Electric has been leading the charge for supply chain innovation for many years and is a mainstay on the Gartner Top 25 Supply Chains. With complex global operations, Schneider has updated what for many is still an unfulfilled goal by utilizing a true end-to-end control tower to manage their network up and down the value chain. Hear from Schneider Electric’s Olivier Redon, Global Sales, Inventory and Operation Planning VP on how Schneider is building a world-class autonomous planning capability of powering their strategic objectives around sustainability, trust, resilience, automation, and efficiency.

Olivier Redon

Schneider Electric’s Vice President, Global Sales, Inventory and Operation Planning
Olivier Redon Profile

14:10-14:50 SGT Session 2   Japanese presentation with English voice over

Product Overview

In this session, we will introduce tips on how to develop a supply-chain plan that can cope with unexpected situations, as well as a control tower. The session includes simulations to balance supply and demand against all kinds of fluctuations, collaboration methods for concurrent planning across regions and organizations, and a demonstration of Kinaxis RapidResponse®, which contributes to rapid decision making and improved enterprise operational performance.

Isao Sugiyama

Director Business Consulting, Kinaxis Japan K.K.
Isao Sugiyama Profile

14:50-15:10 SGT Session 3   Japanese presentation with English voice over

From Product First to User-centric Value Chain!
What is the supply chain system that supports
Casio’s DX “MY G-SHOCK” service?

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. (Casio) is promoting digital transformation (DX) across the company aiming to build a “user-centered value chain”. As a representative initiative, Casio launched “MY G-SHOCK”, a watch customization service, in October this year. This presentation will introduce the background of adopting RapidResponse® as the system infrastructure to support this new business model (BTO).

Mr. Takashi Uehara

Group Manager, Core Business Information Group, Information Development Department, Digital Control Division
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Mr. Takashi Uehara Profile

15:10-15:40 SGT Session 4   Japanese presentation with English voice over

Reforming Business Process to Respond Quickly to Changes in Supply and Demand.

Demand in the construction equipment market has had extreme fluctuations, and our company has repeatedly experienced increases and decreases in production. Each of those fluctuations resulted in a number of issues. To address these issues, we are currently promoting business process reforms to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making, and to shorten time taken in the supply-demand planning cycle, thereby enabling us to make quick decisions in response to any changes.

Mr. Katsuyoshi Hibi

General Manager, DX Innovation Promotion Dept. DX Innovation Div. DX Promotion Group
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Mr. Katsuyoshi Hibi Profile

15:40-15:50 SGT Session 5   Japanese presentation with English voice over

Closing Remarks

Kinaxis Japan K.K.
Toshiya Kaneko Profile

Toshiya Kaneko

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